As Ola wonderfully opened the South Asia regional review last week, I’ll just crack straight on with the action as we delve into what’s happened in Bhutan since last week as the Maldives isn’t up and running again until later this week. In particular, we’ll take a look at Transport United’s comfortable victory over Thimphu. 

Bhutan Thimphu League

There’s something wonderful about the name Thimphu League which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Anyway, enough about the inner-workings of my brain, let’s see what’s been going on in Bhutan this last week.

We’ll go through the games in date order which means we begin with Transport United’s clash with Thimphu. Just to give you some idea, Transport United are the undisputed kings of Bhutan, in my eyes, they are anyway. Whereas, Thimphu aren’t all that if I’m honest.

Unsurprisingly, Transport United defeated Thimphu 3-0 and that now means that Thimphu have lost four out of their last five spread across that Bhutan National League and the Thimphu League. Not good.

Take A Bow Transport United’s Sonam Tobgay

Transport’s first goal was far too easy as their marking was all over the place and the keeper didn’t do himself any favours either. That goal came in the 11th-minute and I was fearing the worst, nonetheless, Thimphu held on until the 78th-minute before they collapsed.

Sonam Tobgay, who is some sort of hero in Bhutan, doubled Transport’s lead as he picked the ball up in the penalty area and couldn’t really miss from the position he was in. He’s a hero because he’s represented Bhutan at both football and cricket on a national scale. If he’s not a hero then he bloody should be.

Tobgay’s second goal was a work of art. He picked the ball up just inside Thimphu’s half, went past one defender, done a few stepovers, took the ball into the area and stuck it in the net. Top class. That was that as Transport United went top of the table.

That was last Tuesday. Last Thursday saw Tensung and Phuensum play out a 1-1 draw in a game which doesn’t really do either side any favours as they look to progress to the National League in Bhutan.

Sampa Tshering Maintained Thimphu City’s Unbeaten Start

Thimphu City, not to be confused with Thimphu, maintained their unbeaten start on Saturday as they edged out Drukstars FC courtesy of a header from Sampa Tshering.

Druk United and the aptly named High Quality United played out the last game in Bhutan that will feature in this review. Jigme Tsheltrim’s thunderbolt opened the scoring for High Quality with a real finish of high quality.

He picked the ball up on the left-hand side of the penalty area before pinging it in the top corner. What a delight. I’ve got one phrase to describe High Quality’s second goal. Ha ha ha ha. Druk United’s keeper had an absolute mare as he went to throw the ball out, misjudged it totally and there was Chuma Dorji to put it away. What a fucking calamity.

Straight Out The Textbook

High Quality’s third was straight out of the ‘incisive counter-attack’ textbook as the Druk United left-back went bombing forward leaving a gaping hole which High Quality were only too happy to exploit and make it 3-0. Sandip Alay got a consolation goal for Druk United ten minutes later as High Quality showed no quality at all as a long throw was allowed to bounce far too many times. 3-1.

That was all that happened in Bhutan. Twas much fun.

Latest Results: Thimphu 0-3 Transport United | Tensung 1-1 Phuensum | Thimphu City 1-0 Drukstars FC | Druk United 1-3 High Quality United.

That’s all for now as we haven’t got any other games to look at. When the rest of the region gets up to date, that’ll make this article much more fun as we can get stuck in all over the place. Elsewhere in the region, New Radiant SC saw off Bengaluru in the AFC Cup and you can read about that here

I hope you enjoyed reading about Bhutan as much as I did writing about it.

Until the next time.