Thimphu City Move Top As Druk United Finally Wake Up

Oh, what a feeling! Dancing on the ceiling. Alright, Lionel, I’m trying to work. It’s that time of week again when we have a little mooch over what’s been going on in Bhutan and the Maldives. South Asia isn’t giving us much else to play with so we’ll have to make do with what we’ve got. If you recall, Druk Stars hosted Transport United in a clash at the top of the table last Wednesday. Whoever won that game went top of the table. Transport United won a tight encounter 1-0. Neither side are top anymore as Thimphu City currently rule supreme in Bhutan.

Something Had To Give

So, as I’ve said, the week’s action all began with that clash at the top of the table. Going into the game, there had been an average of 3.75 goals per game in each of Druk Stars’ matches. In comparison, 2.25 goals had gone in, in each of Transport United games, so something had to give. I’ve already ruined it by telling you what the scoreline was and that momentarily sent Transport United to the summit.

What The Actual Druk?

High Quality United entertained Phuensum in the next game. If you bare in mind that Phuensum were yet to win going into the game, you would have staked your life on HQU (check my abbreviations out) winning. Well, I would have anyway. Guess what happened? Aye, that’s right. 2-2. It kept the gap between the two sides at four points. Close to call.

We now move onto Saturday. Tensung, who are still looking for their first win of the season faced-off against Druk United. Druk United were also searching for their first win of the season. I’d like to think that the papers in Bhutan had the headline “Druking Hell – They’ve Won!” Sadly, I don’t think that happened. Yeah, so as the story goes, Druk United got off the mark with a 2-1 win over Tensung. Not too bad.

Thimphu City Went Top Of The League

Thimphu City went back above Transport United after beating Phuensum. After picking up a point against HQU, you’d have thought Phuensum would’ve been bang up for it. Unfortunately, Thimphu City got the better of them as they came away with a one-nil win. Believe me, it should have been a lot more than one. Maybe next time, eh?

We close our little look at Bhutan with a Druk Derby! I’m fully aware Druk isn’t actually a place, no worries, it’s still the Druk Derby! Druk Army! Come on! So many exclamation marks, not enough time. If Druk Stars won, they would’ve gone second. If Druk United got the win, they would only be a point behind their Druk neighbours. FOUR-ONE. 4-1 to Druk United. Druking hell.

In their previous five games, they’d only mustered three goals, so quite how they managed four goals, I have no idea. It’s certainly shaken up the league table, it’s up to date this week so you can have a mooch at it here…

Druk Thimphu City

Over in the Maldives, we’ve had three out of four games on matchday ten. Maziya versus Club Eagles kicked us off over there. Maziya went into this game with the best defensive record in the league and they would’ve cut New Radiant’s lead at the summit to only two points with a win. Club Eagles had other ideas.

If NRSC Don’t Win, I’ll Eat My Hat

They scored in the first-half and that was that. Club Eagles moved to second in the league, four points behind New Radiant. NRSC do have a game in hand, mind. They face United Victory later on today and if that ends up in anything other than an NRSC win, I’ll be stunned.

After that, Valencia put in another dismal performance which only reconfirmed my theory that Gary Neville is actually in charge. TC Sports did a number on them. 4-0. That now means Valencia have only got one point from ten games and are six points behind United Victory. It also means that TC Sports Club have got a slight cushion in the race for the top-four.

Our final game of the review was a four-goal thriller. Victory vs Green Streets. Pete Dunham was upfront for Green Streets with Bovver on the wing. Kudos if you get that.

Little Bovver On The Wing

At the interval, Victory were 2-1 up and if they held on for the second forty-five minutes they would be back in the top four. Green Streets levelled after the break and nobody fancied getting the win.

Here’s the table for your perusal. If New Radiant win, they’ll go seven points clear with four games left. Catch them if you can.

Credit: FlashScores.

I’m not too sure if this feature will be back next week as we’re mixing things up ever so slightly with the World Cup around the corner. I’ll let you know about that in due course. Maybe see you next week with an update, maybe.

Until the next time.