MORNING. Hope you’re all doing rather well. Of course, you are, it’s a bank holiday weekend! What a dream. Now, with the World Cup around the corner, I’m not too sure how much you’ll hear off me on this site because the gaffer wants everybody grafting on the World Cup content. Admittedly, I would rather carry on writing about Vietnamese football and what have you, but what you gonna do? The boss tells you to jump, you ask how high! With another round of fixtures taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, we find ourselves with all the games spread across today and tomorrow rather than the three it normally is. Romario will no doubt lead Becamex Binh Duong to glory in the first game. Let’s go through them all.

Romario Will Lead Becamex To Another Three Points

Becamex will go second momentarily, should they beat Da Nang at 11:00 (BST). They’re on a superb run and if Romario & Co play to the best of their ability, I can see Becamex getting a narrow win over Da Nang.

Speaking of the hosts, they got an impressive win over Ho Chi Minh last weekend and overall, Da Nang aren’t that bad at home. It’s a tough one to call, I’m rooting for Becamex all day long, though.  I’ll chuck the predictions in at the end as opposed to doing them one by one.

My first game of the weekend takes me to Sai Gon vs Can Tho and that’s not the easiest to call, either. Can Tho might be undefeated on the road, but Sai Gon are a real mixed bag. Literally, like day and night at times. I’m looking forward to watching Tambwe play. He’ll score. Banker.

Than Quang Ninh Will Wipe The Floor With Ho Chi Minh

Speaking of bankers, Than Quang Ninh play Ho Chi Minh at midday. Putting Quang Ninh’s loss against Thanh Hoa to one side last weekend, they’ve got an unblemished home record and HCM are poor. They’ve lost their last three and while part of that can be blamed on injuries, a lot of it is individual errors. I worry for them this season if they don’t start picking up points soon.

Saturday has a trio of 11:00 kick-offs and one 13:00. Hai Phong host Sanna Khanh Hoa in the first. Hai Phong are a side that I like a lot, nevertheless, at the minute, it’s their home form which is holding them back. While they may have beaten Da Nang in their last home game, before that, they had picked up a point from the previous three. Sanna Khanh Hoa always set up to keep clean sheets and if they get a goal, they get a goal. Another tough one to call.

Song Lam Nghe An (SLNA) travel to Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) in a game which is being dubbed as the battle of the acronyms by many. The many, of course, is just yours truly.

HAGL Could Go Third Or Second Bottom

HAGL have the upper hand in terms of league position, however, if results go against them, HAGL could swap places with SLNA in the league table. SLNA sit second bottom. Such is the way of the world, if HAGL dispatch of SLNA convincingly, they could end up third. Madness.

Quang Nam’s second home game in successive weekends has to end up in a win. If they fail to beat Nam Dinh, I can see things turning a little bit ugly. That is a figment of my imagination.

Can Nam Dinh Get Another Surprise Win?

I’m hoping for Hamburg-style pyro, maybe one day. Nam Dinh are shite, although, they did beat SLNA against all odds not too long ago, maybe they can do the same at Quang Nam. That will certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Our final game takes up to the capital of Vietnam. Ha Noi, who currently have a six-point gap at the top of the table, are at home to Thanh Hoa.

Both sides have title aspirations, nonetheless, if Ha Noi beat Thanh Hoa, they will go eleven points above them. Mind the gap. Eleven points behind after nine games would not have been where Thanh Hoa envisaged themselves after last year. Weird old league.

Prediction Time

Today: Da Nang 0-1 Becamex Binh Duong – Romario WILL score (11:00) | Sai Gon 1-1 Can Tho – Tambwe WILL score (12:00) | Than Quang Ninh 3-0 Ho Chi Minh City – HCMC WON’T score (12:00) | Tomorrow: Hai Phong 2-1 Sanna Khanh Hoa – Fagan WILL score (11:00) | HAGL 1-1 SLNA – SLNA WILL remain in the relegation play-off place (11:00) | Quang Nam 0-1 Nam Dinh – I CAN smell an upset (11:00) | Ha Noi 3-1 Thanh Hoa – Oseni WILL score, twice (13:00).

There you are, boys and girls. Now you’re all prepped and ready to go for the weekend’s action in Vietnam. For what it’s worth, I’m at Sai Gon vs Can Tho later on today and then I’m at a second division clash between Long An II and Ben Tre tomorrow. What a life.

Until the next time.