At the time of writing, the second-leg between Persija & Home United is still going ahead despite the terrorist attacks in Surabaya. Football is a wonderful sport, y’know? Terrorist attack? Fuck ‘um, we’ll play anyway. You’ll never stop football. Never. After two goals inside the first ten minutes in Singapore last week, you’d have been forgiven for thinking the tie was already done and dusted. WELL, wouldn’t you look stupid? It finished 3-2 to Home United. Marko Simic wasn’t able to get on the scoresheet last week and if Home United can keep him out again, maybe they might just qualify…

Simic Is Going To Score – Fact

Do you know why Marko Simic will score? It’s all to do with how the world works. I was in the process of doing some good old-fashioned snooping into Simic when I found out he used to play in Vietnam. That’s not too coincidental. Guess who he used to play for? Long An! Look up at the stars. You can see he’s going to bag. Nice. 

A wee disclaimer must be entered here, as I’m not sure how they’re linked, but it suits my agenda so back down. Marko Simic has already hit over twenty-goals this calendar year so don’t be surprised when he nets for Persija. Errr, I’m going for minute thirteen. When that happens, yes I am amazing, I know.

One of Home United’s biggest disadvantages going into this game is that they conceded two away goals. I don’t know why, I just can’t see them scoring more than once in Indonesia. Saying that, they did score twice in the Philippines when no one gave them a prayer. Was it a totally legitimate result? I don’t know, I’m not getting involved. Shove your libel case up your arse.

They’re Both Shite Domestically

Domestically speaking, Persija fell to a somewhat surprise home defeat last time out as they got done over by Madura United. How’s your luck? Shite. Simic didn’t start, mind. Resting players maybe? Let’s hope it was worth it. Persija now sit 8th in the league, closer to the bottom than the top. Uh oh.

Home United had the weekend off as their domestic league in Singapore is stupid. To put it politely. Why would you have nine teams in a league? It enrages me just thinking about it. I do know the answer, actually, but it still pisses me off. They are doing about as well as Persija this season. Home United are five points from the bottom and THIRTEEN from the top. They’ve only played six games. Piss poor is the term I believe I’m looking for.

The Scoring Will Begin In The 13th Minute

In summary, we’ve got a country reeling for a terrorist attack, two teams who are seeking solace in the AFC Cup and a nutty Croatian geezer called Marko Simic who is now my favourite player in the AFC Cup. Predictions are tough. Not this time though – Persija 3-1 Home United. Marko Simic to open the scoring in the 13th minute. You heard it here first.

Until the next time.