Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Brace for impact, I repeat, brace for impact. It’s time for the first ever Oman Professional League preview and there’s not a more exciting league in the world at the moment. After taking the West Asia regional round-up under my wing, I’ve come to learn about how tight things are around the bottom in Oman. There is almost definitely a pun in there, I’m not going to subject you to smut, though. Our big game of the weekend is undoubtedly Saham vs Oman Club, before we come onto that, let me give you a better idea of what on earth is going on.

Not A Lot Going On At The Top In Oman

At the top, there’s nothing to see as Al Suwaiq sealed the title last time out with a hard-fought victory over Al Salam. There is, however, an awful lot going on at the opposite end of the table. In Oman, there are fourteen teams in the league and going into the 23rd (of twenty-six) matchday, it is still possible for TWELVE of them to get relegated which is staggering. Yes, it would take an almighty collapse for Al Nasr in third to get relegated, but it COULD happen.

If you’ve come on here expecting to see goals, then you’re probably going to be disappointed. In the previous twenty-two games, only TWO sides have scored over thirty goals. Let’s stop worrying about where the goals are going to come from and look at what this weekend has got in store. Remember, all times are in BST.

Will Dhofar Extend Muscat’s Away Misery?

We begin with Dhofar against Muscat. Unsurprisingly, both of these sides are bang in trouble. While they both may sit perilously close to the relegation playoff spot, Dhofar and Muscat are two of the most in-form sides in the league. Dhofar’s only loss in their last five came at the hands of the aforementioned champions Al Suwaiq. Not bad. Muscat’s only defeat in the last five also came at the hands of Al Suwaiq. That’s why they’re champions!

Muscat have only won once on the road this campaign and if they carry on that dismal record and hand Dhofar all three points, they’ll be sucked right back in.

Prediction: Dhofar (8th) 1-0 Muscat (6th) (19:00).

Now it’s time for the big one! The one we’ve all been waiting for! That’s right, Saham host Oman Club in a game that is probably more important for the home side. It looked like Oman Club were dead and buried a few weeks ago but after picking up a decent eight points from their last twelve, they’re back in the game. Saham sit two points behind the visitors and if they were to lose and other results going against them, they could be in a world of trouble.

Oman Club & Saham Are Both In Real Danger Of Relegation

Oman Club currently occupy the relegation play-off place, yet with a win, they can jump as high as sixth. That’s how radio rental this league is. One of Oman’s biggest problems on the road this season has been scoring. In the eleven games they’ve played away from home, they’ve only netted eight. Oman Club have drawn more games than anyone else in the league and it’s difficult to look beyond that outcome again regardless of what Saham do. 

Prediction: Saham (13th) 0-0 Oman Club (12th) (19:00).

Today’s final game is between two teams who probably think they’re safe. Al Salam currently sit 7th while their opponents, Al Nahda, sit 4th. Thinking you’re safe in Oman is one of the stupidest things anyone could possibly do. Al Nahda, for example, haven’t won in five. If they keep that up, there’s no telling what might happen.

Al Nahda Haven’t Won In Five

If it was possible for both of them to lose this, they probably would. Al Nahda are not on the greatest run of form, however, Al Salam have only won once at home this season. Fuck knows what’s going to happen.

Prediction: Al Salam (7th) 1-0 Al Nahda (4th) (19:00).

Tomorrow’s action all kicks-off at 19:00 as well, so I’m not going to waste time writing it every time! Third-placed Al Nasr can seal their safety with a win away at Al Orouba. Naturally, other results have to go their way as well, but they will be there or thereabouts with a win. Al Orouba’s season hinges on this game. If they lose, they’re going to be looking nervously over their shoulder for the next three games. If they win, they’ll be looking up that table and attempting to finish as high as they possibly can.

With the exception of Al Suwaiq, Al Orouba have won more games at home than anyone else. Now is the time to get another one. Get the job done. I know what I think will happen. Draw.

Prediction: Al Orouba (5th) 1-1 Al Al Nasr (3rd).

Al Suwaiq have been far and away the best side in the league. They’ve only dropped points on four occasions this season and when they entertain Mirbat tomorrow evening, it’s difficult to envisage anything other than an away win.

It’s Not Looking Good For Mirbat

Perhaps the only thing that will go in Mirbat’s favour is that the title is already sealed. If Al Suwaiq had anything at all to play for then it would be a different story.

Mirbat have lost their last two and they desperately need a result otherwise, come Monday morning, they’ll be in the relegation zone. As much as I want to believe in Mirbat, I can’t.

Prediction: Mirbat (11th) 1-2 Al Suwaiq (1st).

Wikipedia hasn’t been updated since matchday nineteen which isn’t a problem at all. In fact, it’s quite useful. That table will show you Fanja SC sitting tenth in the table. Fast-forward three games and they’re bottom.

Fanja SC Are Fucked, To Put It Politely

Collapse is the word I’m looking for I think. They’ve picked up a single point from their last five and when they host second-placed Al Shabab, they need a win.

As it stands, they’re only three points from safety which isn’t a terrible position to be in considering their goal difference. However, if they lose, they will only have three games left. Touch and go. Al Shabab are a funny old team. They choked massively recently while they were attempting to hunt down Al Suwaiq. One win in five played a huge part in Al Suwaiq being crowned champions. They’ll no doubt win now that the pressure is off.

Prediction: Fanja SC (14th) 0-1 Al Shabab (2nd).

We close with another massive six-pointer at the foot of the table. Sohar in ninth play Al Mudhaibi in tenth. Only a single point separates both sides from the relegation playoff spot. Al Mudhaibi have one of the best away records in the league and a massive win over Fanja last week keeps them just above water.

Only A Single Point Separates Both Sides From The Bottom Three

Sohar’s last five games have yielded three wins which has eased their relegation fears. Neither side can seldom afford to lose this, so it will come as no shock that I am plumping for the draw.

Prediction: Sohar 0-0 Al Mudhaibi.

Check back in early next week to find out what’s happened in Oman. I’m not giving you a specific day because I don’t know! Hope that is alright with you. If it isn’t, tough shit.

Until the next time.