Wow! Just wow! I built up the finale to the Jordanian League a fair bit in the permutations piece that went out yesterday and it didn’t disappoint! Essentially, it was kill or be killed in the race for second and the battle to stay in the division. Our five players were Al-Jazeera, Al-Faisaly (they were vying for second), Al-Baqa’a, Shabab Al-Aqaba & Mansheyat Bani Hasan. Of course, the latter three were all the ones jostling to stay up.

Al-Jazeera WERE In Pole Position

Going into the final day, Al-Jazeera were in pole position to finish second as they had a superior goal difference to Al-Faisaly. Despite their favourable position, they were up against the newly-crowned champions, Al-Wehdat. While Al-Wehdat may have not had anything to play for, surely their mentality would still be to win? Too fucking right it was.

Al-Jazeera shipped not one, not two, not three, but FOUR goals at home to the champions. Ah. A brace from Saeed Morjan accompanied with goals from Yazan Thalji and Hamza Al-Daradour meant that Al-Faisaly just needed a point to secure second place.

Al-Faisaly hosted the aforementioned Shabab Al-Aqaba who needed a win to be sure of their future in the league. No goals were scored in the first forty-five minutes which meant that at the interval Al-Faisaly had second in the bag and because Mansheyat Bani Hasan were goalless against Al-Hussein, the away side were stopping up. Right from kick-off, Shabab Al-Aqaba decided to take fate into their own hands. Oudy Al-Gara’s goal meant that Al-Jazeera went back into the AFC Cup spot on goal difference.

At The End They Weren’t – 2nd Went To Al-Faisaly

Al-Faisaly couldn’t breach Shabab Al-Aqaba’s defence and the game finished 1-0. However, due to the fact that Al-Jazeera conceded another two, Al-Faisaly ended up taking second place on goal difference? The difference? One goal. Wow. If Al-Jazeera has lost 3-0, they would’ve snatched it on goals scored, but the fourth goal killed them.

Right, so Al-Faisaly have taken second and Shabab Al-Aqaba are safe. Are you still with me? Good.

Shabab Al-Aqaba Are Safe

That leaves Mansheyat Bani Hasan and Al-Baqa’a to look at. If Al-Baqa’a win, they’re safe, let’s run through it all goal by goal so you can smell the drama! For what it’s worth Mansheyat Bani Hasan were away at Al-Hussein, who had nothing to play for and Al-Baqa’a were away at That Ras. They also had nothing to play for…

0’ – Both games kick-off.

36’ – After a quiet first half an hour, That Ras take the lead at home to Al-Baqa’a! Fakhreddine Galbi gets the goal.

39’ – Al-Baqa’a seemingly need that goal to wake them up as they’ve hit straight back via Khaled Al-Dardour.

45’ – Halftime in both games, still 0-0 in the other game. As it stands, Mansheyat Bani Hasan are down.

What A Turnaround!

49’ – What a turnaround from Al-Baqa’a! Amer Ali puts them in control of their own destiny.

60’ – Mansheyat Bani Hasan’s fate looks to be sealed as Mohamed Zino has put Al-Hussein in front from the spot.

67’ – Or is it? Ahmed Al-Shaqran levels for Mansheyat!

72’ – Hello! 2-1 to Mansheyat Bani Hasan! Where has this come from? If That Ras were to peg Al-Baqa’a back, we could have a famous ending!

90+2’ – Penalty!! It isn’t in a good place for the neutral, mind. Al-Hussein have been awarded a last-gasp spot-kick. Which is duly scored by Ahmed Abo Kabeer.

90+5’ – Penalty!! Here we go! Mohamed Abu Arqoub scores to give Mansheyat a late, late win. Will it be enough?

90+6’ – In a word, no.

There we have it then. Despite winning their last two, Mansheyat Bani Hassan are relegated. In contrast, Al-Faisaly lost their last two and still finished second. Funny ol’ game football, isn’t it? One of the many reasons why we love it.

To sum up, Al-Faisaly take second, Mansheyat drop out and the rest live to fight another day. Just because I can, here’s the final league table…

Credit: FlashScores.

Mansheyat Bani Hassan Drop As Al-Baqa’a Survive

Naturally, Jordan will be omitted from the regional round-up this week as I don’t want to run the risk of repeating myself. I also don’t want to run the risk of repeating myself. Or, run the risk of repeating myself. See what I did there?

In case you’re wondering, the impossible dream will be back next week, I’ve not done a fat lot this week and I’m not in the business of writing shite. Ha.

Until the next time.