As promised, here is a little update on the second tier in Vietnam. Now, it was called V-League 2 when the website went live in April. Vietnam is a place that doesn’t sit still. Which, in turn, means that you never know what’s going to happen next. Firstly, I just want to let you all know that Long An are still waiting for their first victory. Sigh.

Close Your Eyes And The Name Of The League Changes

Right, back to the league. It is now called An Cuong – First Division, which is actually much better because we now have the V-League, First Division and Second Division. Fuck me, that’s novel, isn’t it?

So, you are probably wondering what on earth is going on, aren’t you? If you’re not, then what on earth are you doing reading this? Never mind. Everyone has now played thrice this season after Long An travelled to Ha Noi on Tuesday.

No-one has a perfect record. No-one has a pointless record – it should be a good season. Should be. In fact, only Tay Ninh have won more than once and it’s Tay Ninh that sit top of the table due to those two wins. For what it’s worth, they lost the other 3-0 to Dak Lak, who sit fourth.

Interestingly, 40% of the teams in the league are still unbeaten (there are only ten teams) and one of those is our very own Long An. I know they’re not actually ours, but I’m adopting them for the foreseeable, especially if I end up playing for them… The aforementioned Long An, along with Ha Noi II have drawn all three games so far.

Long An Could Go Top If Results Go Their Way!

So, while I may keep harping on about Long An’s dismal run, they would actually go top if they won their next game and results went their way. Mind-boggling.

Binh Phuoc sit at the foot of the table with two points, but again, that can change with a win. It’s so close and oh so exciting. There are only eighteen games in a season. It has to be fast-paced to keep the masses intrigued and it’s safe to say they are. When I say masses, I do, of course, mean myself.

Excitement-wise in the First Division, it’s few and far between as the goals don’t really rain. We’ve had the pleasure of watching fifteen games so far, saying that, only twenty-nine goals have been scored which means we’re not quite at the two goals per game mark.

This Is Despite Not Winning In Over 250 Days!

We haven’t got any league matches this week which doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Yes, the Vietnamese Cup is on, but there’s only one team from the First Division left in it, so why can’t we just crack on? It also means that Long An’s barren run will have surpassed the 250 mark by the time they next take the field.

From a selfish point-of-view, I hope they don’t win that one as I’m at the one after it, so when they win that, I can claim to be their good luck charm and then they’ll play me centre-midfield. What a dream.

In summary, only four points separates first from last in a league which is more difficult to predict than the lottery results. Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but you get my drift.

I’ve got to be honest, I enjoyed that. So, I’ll try and bring you regular updates from the newly named An Cuong – First Division. Tidy. 

Until the next time.