Iraq Will Be Alone Soon As The Rest Approach Climax

Here we are! Apologies that this is slightly later than usual, let’s not dwell on things we can’t control though and get stuck in. Last week we said goodbye to more leagues which, in turn, means we are left with only four. Iraq, Jordan, Oman & Syria.

As per, we’ll run through things in alphabetical order to protect me from any favouritism accusations. That’s right, you can shove your lawsuit up your arse!

Iraq Super League

We’ll start from the foot of the table as Karbalaa got a HUGE win away at Al-Talaba, a solitary goal meaning that they leapfrogged a Zakho side who could only muster a draw at home to Al-Minaa.

Zakho are now five points from safety whereas Karbalaa are only three behind Al-Diwaniya. Considering there are still thirteen games left, it’s not time to hit the panic button just yet, although, Zakho play Al-Zawraa next and they are top. Uh oh.

Four points is still the gap between the top three as Al-Zawraa, Al-Shorta & Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya beat Al-Diwaniya, Al-Hussein & Amanat Baghdad respectively. Away from those three teams, perhaps the most interesting game was Al-Hudood’s clash with Naft Al-Wasat which ended with two goals apiece and a red card. TIdy.

Latest results from Iraq:

Amanat Baghdad 0-1 Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya | Al-Najaf 2-0 Al-Bahri | Al-Samawa 1-2 Al-Kahrabaa | Al-Naft 0-0 Naft Al-Junoob | Al-Diwaniya 1-3 Al-Zawraa | Zakho 1-1 Al-Minaa | Al-Shorta 3-0 Al-Hussein | Al-Sinaat Al-Kahrabaiya 2-1 Naft Maysan | Al-Hudood 2-2 Naft Al-Wasat.

Instead of putting the positions next to each team, I’m going to take the novel approach of just showing you the league table. I am still awaiting a call from Mensa, so if anyone has any contact within those circles, get them to give me a shout. Ta very much.

Here is the table from Iraq…

Credit: FlashScores.

A couple of points before anyone starts going off on one. You’ll notice that FlashScores and I have different ways of spelling teams. That isn’t an issue that is only relevant to Iraq which you’ll see as we progress.

All you need to know is that I’m right. The end. Also, I’ve alluded to there only being two relegation spots and once again, I’m right. Either that or FIFA have got it wrong on their site. Moving swiftly on…

Jordan Premier League

Al-Wehdat finally sealed the title with a solid 2-1 win over basement side, Al-Yarmouk. What that win also meant was Al-Yarmouk won’t be present in the Premier League next season as the gap of four points with only a single game remaining is impossible to catch. I don’t care how long you look at it for, they can’t make up four points in one game.

Elsewhere, there was a shock as Mansheyat Bani Hasan got a vital win in their quest for survival as they dented Al-Faisaly’s bid for second. That coupled with Al-Jazeera’s win over That Ras means the race for second will be a straight shootout on the final day.

It’s difficult to say who has got the harder game as Al-Faisaly host Shabab Al-Aqaba who need a win to be certain of survival and Al-Jazeera play the new champions. Hmm.  

Al-Baqa’a May Well Have Secured Their Survival 

Speaking of that relegation battle, any one of three can still fall through the trap door, we’ve already touched on two of them, the other is Al-Baqa’a who may well have secured their status with a win last time out.

Yes, it’s mathematically possible for them to get relegated, however, I can’t see both of the sides below them winning. Famous last words.

Latest results from Jordan:

Mansheyat Bani Hasan 2-1 Al-Faisaly | Al-Jazeera 1-0 That Ras | Shabab Al-Ordon 3-2 Shabab Al-Aqaba | Al-Wehdat 2-1 Al-Yarmouk | Al-Ahli 1-3 Al-Hussein | Al-Baqa’a 1-0 Al-Ramtha.

And here is the penultimate table from Jordan…

Credit: FlashScores.

Once again, there a couple of team names spelt differently. As you should be used to by now, I’m right. From Jordan to Oman we go…

Omantel Professional League (Oman)

Let’s begin by saying Al Shabab have well and truly messed it up. There have been two rounds of fixtures since last week and while I’m going to only focus on the more recent ones, Al Shabab got one point out of six. Shite.

Al Suwaiq now hold a fourteen point gap at the top of the table and considering there’s only eighteen left to play for, it will take a minor miracle for Al Shabab to catch them.

Last week I said the relegation battle will be where most of my time goes and it’s no different this time as there is now only FIVE points between TEN teams! It’s staggering.

Predict Who Will Go Down At Your Peril

Al-Orouba who sit fifth are well and truly in the mix now as they could only draw with Oman Club 0-0. Oman Club are bottom but they have the joint-fourth best defensive record. Figure that one out.

Dhofar got another big win, this time away at Sohar. Anything could happen in these last six games and I guess that’s why we all adore football so much. Arguably the game of the weekend was Saham versus Fanja SC. Scrap that, there’s no arguably about it, it was the game of the weekend.

With twelve minutes left, Fanja looked to be on course for three points as they were 3-0 up. Saham had other ideas. It was 3-1 with a minute left. Somehow it ended up 3-3. What a finale. Could that give Saham the momentum to stay up? I think so.

Latest results from Oman:

Oman Club 0-0 Al Orouba | Al Mudhaibi 0-1 Mirbat | Saham 3-3 Fanja SC | Al Nasr 1-1 Muscat | Al Shabab 1-2 Al Salam | Al Suwaiq 0-0 Al Nahda | Sohar 1-3 Dhofar.

As you’re probably clocking on to the order of this now, I’ll spare you the introduction of what follows…

Credit: FlashScores.

Look at the beauty of that. Shove your Premier League up your arse, England. We close with Syria.

Syrian Premier League (Unsurprisingly, in Syria)

As is becoming a weekly feature, the top of the table was all change once more. Al-Jaish, much like Al-Ittihad last week, couldn’t break Tishreen down and ended up with a 0-0 draw. Al-Ittihad made sure they went back to the summit with a narrow 2-1 win over Al-Taliya.

Al-Wahda still have a slim chance of winning the title. Five points off top spot with two games left seems like a big ask, mind. All they can do is keep winning and that’s exactly what they did with a 3-1 win over Al-Majd who now find themselves in a relegation battle after two straight defeats.

Al-Muhafaza gained some ground on Al-Herafyeen after winning away at already relegated Al-Jihad. With two games left, one from five has to drop. Keep an eye on it.

Latest results from Syria:

Al-Wathba 0-1 Al-Shorta | Hutteen 0-0 Al-Karamah | Al-Jihad 2-3 Al-Muhafaza | Al-Ittihad 2-1 Al-Taliya | Al-Wahda 3-1 Al-Majd | Al-Nawair 0-0 Al-Herafyeen | Al-Jaish 0-0 Tishreen.

You know what’s coming next…    

Credit: FlashScores.

Draws galore if you look at the form. Not good for anyone at this point in the season.

That’s all that sewn up for another week, I’ll be more punctual next week. Ha. We’ll see. To be fair, we’ll be left with Iraq and Iraq only soon and if I can’t manage that then what the hell am I doing here? 

Until the next time.