Goals Aplenty As Sangay Wandi Hits A Beauty

If you are after guarantees in life, people will normally tell you to look no further than death & taxes. How uplifting is that? Bloody hell. Let’s try and look on the brighter side of life. Good old Monty Python. So, what I’m going to do is give you another guarantee. One that will put a smile on your face. Ok, so we’ve got, death, taxes and GOALS IN SOUTH ASIA. That’s right, we’ve got goals, goals and more goals!

The Changlimithang Stadium Is A Work Of Art

We shall begin in Bhutan’s Thimphu League where all the games are played at the gorgeous Changlimithang Stadium. Can’t imagine it’s much fun on the final day with all the games being staggered, but anyway, in the meantime, it’s great fun. While there has only been a handful of games so far in the season, there’s still a lot to dissect.

Since Mark brought the round-up to you last week, there has been six games. Last Tuesday, Thimphu got a narrow 1-0 win over Pheunsum. Last Thursday, they beat Druk United 1-0 and yesterday they lost 2-0 to Thimphu City. It’s all going on! And that’s only one bloody team! Unbelievable Jeff, I can barely contain myself.

Before this week’s action began, we had two unbeaten sides left in Thimphu City & Transport United and they faced one another last Wednesday in a blockbuster encounter to end all blockbuster encounters. I promised you goals and unlike DPD, I always deliver. Biren Basnet got Thimphu City off to the best possible start inside three minutes with a very well-taken goal. Unfortunately for Thimphu City, it was all downhill from there…

Goals from Yeshi Dorji, Victor & Suraj Rasaili turned the game on its head as Transport United won 3-1. Transport United are now the only unbeaten side in the league.

Druk Stars went top of the league on Saturday when they condemned Phuensum to a second successive defeat and it also left Phuensum as one of three sides who are yet to win this season. Believe it or not, it was actually Phuensum who took the lead through an excellent Karchang Pulami strike.

Sangay Wangdi, Take A Bow – Stupendous Strike

It took Druk Stars all of fifteen minutes to level and it was the man of the hour, Sangay Wangdi who did just that. Incidentally, I don’t know if he is the man of the hour. He deserves to be after the goal. Phuensum’s keeper produced a slightly wayward goal kick which went straight to Wangdi, but what followed was disgustingly outrageous. His first touch wasn’t that good. His second was sensational. He shoots from what must forty-five or fifty yards, it goes over the keeper’s head and in. Bloody marvellous.

Druk Stars’ second goal was a lightning counter-attack from a Pheunsum corner which was eventually put away by Nir Bahadur. Two goals in two minutes sealed the game. In the week’s other game, High Quality United put in a performance of, well, high quality (is that ever going to get old?) as they trounced Tensung 3-1. In between this article being submitted and being published, we have got a grudge match at the top of the table between Transport United & Druk Stars in a game where whoever wins will go top. You see, Thimphu City’s aforementioned win over Thimphu which happened yesterday sent Thimphu City top. Too many Thimphu’s for my liking.

I would post a league table but that will only complicate matters further as it isn’t up to date and I don’t want to be responsible for any migraines. So, from the six games we had, we yielded a return of fifteen goals which works out bang on 2.5 goals a game. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Goals, Goals & More Goals In The Maldives

Out of Bhutan and into the Maldives we go. Much like Bhutan, the games are staggered in the Maldives and all the games are played at the same ground. I think that’s the case with the Maldives, I couldn’t swear by it, so if any smart arse wants to correct me, feel free. It’ll be an educational process for all involved.

We’ll go in chronological order to keep things nice and simple for us all. Matchday nine began with a draw between United Victory and Green Streets which really does neither team any favours if they want to progress to the next round. With five games left, they’re six and eight points off the pace respectively. Ideas need to be bucked up if progression is something either of them truly yearns.

New Radiant had the best possible preparation for their crucial AFC Cup clash with Aizawl when they saw off Victory in a rather routine manner. New Radiant raced into a three-goal lead before conceding a consolation goal at the death. That, accompanied with Maziya only managing a draw against TC Sports Club means that New Radiant now have a five-point cushion at the top of the table. Not bad going when you consider they’ve only played nine games.

Across the two leagues, there was one big winner. We’ve saved them ‘til last because we’re nice like that. Also because we want to reward the people who read the whole thing. How grand are we? Back on point, Club Eagles demolished Club Valencia. It was that bad, I thought Neville was back in charge of Valencia.

Did Anyone Else Know Gary Neville Was In The Maldives?

Club Eagles are evidently a big fan of symmetry as they scored three in the first half and three in the second half. Gary Neville’s Valencia could only manage a single goal late on and they remain rooted to the foot of the table with only a point to their name. What do you mean Gary Neville is not really in charge? It’s my article, therefore it’s my rules. Due to the number of goals Club Eagles scored, they now sit third, although there are three teams tied on fifteen points. as tight as can be. It’ll be an interesting battle for the top four.

That’s all from this part of Asia for now, make sure you check back in tomorrow to find out how New Radiant got on in their quest to make the AFC Cup knockout stages.

Until the next time.