Hello once again. We finished on this mob at the end of the Ho Chi Minh recap, introducing SHB Da Nang, Da Nang to me and you. They are the dictionary definition of a ‘muchness of a muchness’ and they’re seemingly stuck in no man’s land. They’re tenth in the table, although only a point separates them from the three teams above them. In a way, they’re sort of in their own little mini-league. It just so happens that they’re losing & bottom of the table at this point in time. Da Nang have hhad a rather rough time of late, so let’s have a little look at what’s been happening.

Hammered by Ha Noi

As you’re probably getting used to by now, Ha Noi are rather good. So, when Da Nang travelled up north to entertain the league leaders, it was going to be a damage limitation exercise rather than anything else. Or will it? Nguyen Viet Thang got Da Nang off to a superb start when he opened the scoring after ten minutes. Chance of an upset? Mm, maybe not. Ngan Van Dai equalised around the midway point of the first-half. HANG ON. Louis Ewonde put Da Nang back into the lead with less than half an hour on the clock. Surely the aim is now to hold on until the break?

That might well have been the plan. It didn’t pan out that way, though. Do Duy Manh & Nguyen Quang Hai scored two minutes apart from each other to flip the game on its head. Halftime saw the scoreline as 3-2 to Ha Noi. Where on earth had that come from?! Samson came off the bench to seal matters in the second-half. Final score: Ha Noi 5-2 Da Nang.

Another Away Game, Another Two Goals Scored, Another Loss!

If you score two goals away from home, you’d be hopeful that that’d be enough to get you a result of sorts. Three points, at the very worst, one. Not for Da Nang, oh no. Their second away game in quick succession saw them travel to Nam Dinh. A game, no doubt, they would have viewed as more than winnable. When they were two-nil down at the break, I’m guessing the gaffer would’ve read them the riot act. Should’ve done.

Diogo Pereira got his second and Nam Dinh’s third thirteen minutes into the second period and that was the game pretty much done and dusted. Yao Kouassi made the scoreline a little more presentable with two goals in the final ten minutes, but even then, they still managed to concede another goal. Final score: Nam Dinh 4-2 Da Nang.

Three Goals Scored This Time – Still No Victory

Da Nang finally had a home game. Not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. FLC Thanh Hoa, after a slow start, finally seemed to be finding their feet. It will shock none of you that they got the scoring underway courtesy of yet another V-League goal from Pape Faye. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that there weren’t more goals in the first-half. I’ve got to be honest, when Vu Minh Tuan made it two just before the hour mark, I feared for Da Nang. Not just for their football team, but the place as a whole. Surely you can only take so much humiliation?

Two minutes after Thanh Hoa had wrapped the game up, Ha Duc Chinh decided to put the cat amongst the pigeons and pull a goal back. HELLO! Sixty-three minutes on the clock and GOAL! 2-2! How have they managed this? Nguyen Thanh Hai drew Da Nang level when they really did look dead and buried. GOAL! ONE MINUTE LEFT OF NORMAL TIME. Which way has it gone? That’s right – to Thanh Hoa. Nguyen Trong Hoang gave the away side all three points. Or did he? Louis Ewonde! Goalll! 3-3! The crowd are on the pitch. They probably weren’t, but they should’ve been. Final score: Da Nang 3-3 Thanh Hoa.

Stop The Press! Da Nang Have Done It

Referring back to that mini-league of four I touched on at the beginning, Hai Phong are top. Who does the penultimate game of this review see Da Nang play? That’s right – Hai Phong. Tasty! Neither side had any sort of form going into the game so which way it was going to go was anyone’s guess. Nguyen Thanh Hai put Da Nang into the lead. Come on! Here we go, Da Nang to make a late surge for the title? It remained 1-0 until the break.

Errol Stevens got Hai Phong back into the game despite them being reduced to ten men just before the break. Steel. Da Nang had enough at that point and put the game to bed for once and for all. Ha Duc Chinh made it two in two, gave Da Nang all three points and got booked for good measure. What a guy. Final score: Da Nang 2-1 Hai Phong.

High Hopes Halted By Ho Chi Minh

I’ve literally just covered this game, so to save you having to read the same thing twice, let me refer you to the Ho Chi Minh City review, here… For what it’s worth, Louis Ewonde and Ha Duc Chinh gave Da Nang a fantastic start before they collapsed and lost. That’s the end of that. Final score: Ho Chi Minh City 4-2 Da Nang.

One More Thing About Da Nang

It’s staggering that they’ve scored at least two goals in each of those five games but only come away with one victory. Fortunately, I’m watching them again this weekend away at Becamex Binh Duong so it’ll be intriguing to see how that game pans out. For me, Yao Kouassi needs to offer more as he drops deep far too often leaving Ha Duc Chinh relatively isolated in attack. They’ve got enough to stay up, only just, though.

If I was a betting man and luckily I am, I’d be backing Da Nang to draw with Becamex Binh Duong on Saturday.

Until the next time.