It’s time for a Newsflash debut as quite a few things are going on at the moment and I’m struggling to keep up. Even though I run the risk of repeating myself, some of you will know that I used to work on an ISL website prior to here which in turn means I keep an eye on all things ISL probably more than anything else. Coro will come up quite a lot in this as I wax lyrical about him. Let’s not rest on our laurels anymore.

Coro Commits For Another Year In The ISL

One of the main points of this post is to keep everything short and sweet. Much like a chocolate dwarf. Ha.

We’ll take it from the top and dive straight into the news that Coro has pledged his future to FC Goa for another season. Seeing as this website didn’t start until after the climax of the ISL, some of you may not know that Coro, full name Ferran Corominas, finished as top goalscorer.

To be fair, FC Goa scored goals for fun, however, his partner in crime, Manuel Lanzarote is thought to be going elsewhere. If you believe the papers, he’s off to Bengaluru. If that happens, we may as well award Bengaluru the ISL crown now.

Lanzarote, On The Other Hand, Has Other Ideas

Coro and Lanzarote linked up seamlessly last year and if FC Goa want to make sure they have another top-four next season, they’ll need a very, very good replacement. Hugo Boumous is a magical player in his own right, he should play further back in my eyes, though.

So, while Coro has signed a new contract, someone we won’t see in the ISL next season is Miguel Angel Portugal. The former Delhi Dynamos gaffer has been appointed at Granada CF in Spain which is a good move for him, although, you do have to question what he’s done to deserve it.

Delhi were atrocious for large parts of last season and while you can attribute some of that to poor luck, you can’t attribute all of it to luck. In the end, they finished third bottom. How finishing third bottom in the ISL can secure you a job in the Segunda Division is anyone’s guess, nevertheless, he is one of life’s good guys, so good luck to him.

Portugal Is Off To Spain

For what it’s worth, he was out of contract in the summer anyway and the rumblings from the club suggest that he wasn’t going to be kept on anyway, that might just be sour grapes. Who knows?

Stepping away from India and into Vietnam, where there is an interesting story that broke yesterday. Ho Chi Minh City’s acting chairman, Le Cong Vinh has resigned from the club with immediate effect.

There’s much more to it than meets the eye as ‘coincidentally’ on the same day as he resigned, his football academy (CV9) was also launched.

Regardless of which way you look at it, he’ll be sorely missed by many at HCMC. They face Ha Noi at the weekend as well and you can’t see that helping matters. We’ll see.

Every Day Is A School Day

Finally, just to close off, the draw for the AFF Suzuki Cup was made yesterday. Just a word of warning, don’t ask me anything about it yet because I’ve not done any research into it. All in good time.

Group A contains: Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos. Group B contains: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore & Brunei/East Timor.

After having a quick mooch on Wiki, I can tell you that each side will play two home games and two away games in a round robin format before the top two from each group proceed to the semis. Check me out. Every day’s a school day.

That’s all, for now, folks and while I’m sure there are 101 other things going on in Asia, those are the bits and pieces I’ve decided to bring you. Don’t like it? Tough.

Until the next time.