Ceres & Yangon End This Week’s AFC Cup Action

MORNING. Did you miss me? What do you mean that you didn’t notice? Never mind. For those of you that weren’t paying attention, there were two AFC Cup games yesterday but no preview. Sorry. Sometimes life gets in the way, so I’ve told life to go and sit in the corner for today though which means I’m back with a vengeance. Ceres host Yangon United in a game that has me asking a lot of questions already.

Ceres Threw The Game – Allegedly 

Those of you that do pay attention will know I’m referring to Ceres’ last group game when they played host to Home United. The Filipino team knew that on the final day if they lost to Home United they would face Yangon as opposed to Persija.

If you were to ask anyone who they would rather face over two legs, the majority would probably say Yangon. That’s not meant as a dig at the side who hail from Myanmar’s capital, it’s more a recognition of Persija’s quality.

As the story goes, Home United beat Persija yesterday. I have a feeling that won’t be the case in the return leg. A review will be with you tomorrow regarding all the results from the AFC Cup.

It All Points To A Home Win

If you take that game out of the equation, Ceres have won their last eight at home, scoring THIRTY-FIVE in the process. If this game ends in anything other than a home win I’ll be gobsmacked.

Throw the fact that Yangon have already lost once in the Philippines into the hat as well and it all points to a Ceres win.

In Yangon’s group, there was FLC Thanh Hoa of Vietnam. I happen to know a wee bit about them after covering the V-League for this very site. PS, you can read the latest on the league here.

Keep Sylla Quiet, Keep Yangon Quiet

Global Cebu of the Philippines who we’ve just touched on and Bali United. Make no mistake, it was their home form that carried them through and the goals of Sekou Sylla played a humongous part in that. He scored seven of Yangon’s fifteen goals. Keep him quiet, you’ll keep Yangon quiet. Probably.

Ceres were not without a talisman of their own as Bienve netted seven of their goals throughout the group stages. Could it well be a case of whichever one of those performs the better qualifies? Maybe.

Both Ceres and Yangon have a cushion at the top of their domestic leagues so let’s hope for some high-octane, highly-charged, unadulterated action. We can only hope, can’t we? You’ll find out about all of it tomorrow.

Until the next time.