Only One Of Bienve & Sylla Can Progress To The Next Stage

Yangon is our final destination this week when it comes to AFC Cup knockout games as Yangon entertain Ceres of the Philippines. 4-2 was the scoreline back in the Philippines and it could’ve been a lot more. Yangon are not out of it which means they have a chance, albeit only a slight one. Last week before the first-leg, I commented that there was a player on each side that needed to be watched. Did it happen? No, it didn’t. Let’s try again. Ceres, keep an eye on Sylla. Yangon, keep an eye on Bienve. There I’ve said it.

Bienve vs Sylla Is Almost As Good As The Main Event

It’s almost as if Sylla and Bienve are having their own competition while all the madness goes on around them. Bienve must’ve thought he was in dreamland when he pulled two goals ahead of his nemesis last week. Sylla, forever the plucky soul he is, made sure they were level come the final whistle. Just how vital the goals from Sylla will prove to be, remains to be seen.

Yangon have a spotless record at home on the continent this year. In fact, they’ve only dropped FOUR POINTS from their last twenty-three home games in all competitions. Your move, Ceres. To be fair to them, they’ve only lost once away in their last eleven and that was against a Tianjin Quanjian side, who let’s face it, are much better than them.

Home United Lie In Wait For The Victors

What is the prize for the victor, I hear you cry? A date with Home. That’s right. Against the odds, Home United saw off Persija in their own backyard which I’m still trying to process at this moment in time. Luckily the review of the game isn’t due for a couple of days. I should’ve managed it by then. Fingers crossed.    

Ceres haven’t had the best of preparation for this as they lost at home to Kaya on Saturday which was their first defeat of the season in the league. They’re still top though, no drama. Probably threw the game anyway. They’ve got form. Ok, I’ll let it go now.

On the other hand, Yangon haven’t played in their domestic league this month for reasons unknown. Probably got something to do with the ongoing troubles over there. Or Leeds. Or both. It’s probably Leeds causing the trouble in the first place. Allegedly. What a great word that is, eh?

Anyway, back to the game itself, I’m going to stick my neck on the line with a rather a sensible statement. Whichever out of Bienve & Sylla scores more tomorrow will see their side progress. There’ll be a goal inside the opening fifteen minutes. Maybe two. For this game to truly prosper, we need Yangon to get the first goal, otherwise, it’ll fall flat on its face.

Only time will tell, let’s wait and see, shall we?

Until the next time.