Welcome to the first roundup of football in the South Asia zone. But before we get started, have you had the time to read the East Zone roundup?

For those who are unaware the South Zone consists of Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, only Bhutan and the Maldives are in season right now so this roundup might be somewhat short for a little while, until the other leagues get going through the summer and fall.

The country with perhaps the world’s most beautiful stadium

So let’s get going then, in Bhutan, next-door neighbour to Mount Everest. Most matches are played at the beautiful Changlimithang Stadium, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you Google it because it is truly a sight, not only does one of the main stands look like Buddhist temples lined up after one another but the landscape surrounding the stadium is truly breath-taking too with its high mountains and green fields. But you’re not really here for that are you? You’re here for the actual football. The 2018 Bhutan National League is yet to start, but the qualifying competition for the teams from the capital Thimphu has begun this weekend. The top three teams from this division goes through to the six team National League.

So, in the Thimphu League two games were played over the weekend, Thimphu City and Druk United drew 0-0 in the league opener on Saturday while Drukstars and High Quality played out the same result on Sunday. The matches continue through this week with matches on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in the league of eight teams.

The Maldives are also at the qualification stage

In the Maldives, they also have qualification leagues to the top flight, where four teams from the Malé League and four teams from the Minivan Championship will make it to the Divehi Premier League which takes place in August. The Minivan Championship, which consists of teams from all the atolls of the Maldives has not yet started but the Malé League, containing teams from the capital, has been in full swing since February.

This weekend bottom of the table Club Valencia lost 5-0 to Green Streets while top of the league New Radiant lost 2-1 to Victory SC and are now only top on goal difference, however, they do have a game in hand against Club Valencia which is to be played this Sunday. TC Sports Club managed to be one of the two teams level with New Radiant on points as they beat United Victory 2-1, while Club Eagles failed to capitalise on New Radiant’s loss and take the lead of the league by virtue of they themselves losing to Maziya SRC, who jumped them in the table and now are the second team on equal points to New Radiant.

That is all from the South zone this week but there will be plenty more to come as the leagues in Bhutan and the Maldives unfold in front of our eyes. Don’t forget to check back later today for more regional roundups.