What a feeling. What a time to be alive. West Asia has been nothing short of magnificent over the last week and I have the pleasure of bringing you up to speed on everything. Before we get cracking, special mentions must be given first to Al Suwaiq who finally sealed the title in Oman. And secondly, Mirbat who are trying everything possible to shoot themselves in the foot. Mirbat are from Oman as well, in case you’re wondering.

Iraq fancied the week off so we’ve got nothing to bring you from there and consider we’ve already looked at all of the antics in Jordan we’ve only got two places to go to this week. Oman and Syria. As per, we’ll go in alphabetical order and last time I checked, O comes before S!

Omantel Professional League

Similar to last week, there have been two rounds of fixtures in Oman’s top-tier for us to get stuck into. Unlike last week, we will have a mooch over both of them. Purely because there aren’t enough games to dissect. Don’t get used to it! We shall start with matchday 21. Or as I like to call it, blackjack matchday.

Oman Club were rooted to the bottom before a ball was kicked, yet, they knew that if they could get all three points away at Fanja SC, they would leapfrog their opponents. Or, Fanja would move five points clear. Stick or twist? Munther Al Alawi got a vital goal in the last ten minutes. Oman Club had won! They were off the bottom!

In another six-pointer, second-bottom Sohar hosted third-bottom Saham in a real winner takes all meeting. Ahmed Al Ajmi scored within twenty minutes to give Sohar the lead. They weren’t going to chuck it away once they were in the lead. A big, big win.

Al Suwaiq Have Only Failed To Win Four Times

Regarding the league title, that wasn’t sealed until matchday twenty-two as Al Shabab beat the aforementioned on blackjack matchday. That kept it going for another day. You know the rest, though. For what it’s worth, Al Suwaiq won 3-1 away at Muscat which meant that going into matchday twenty-two, Al Suwaiq would seal it with a win.

Al Salam stood in their way. At halftime between, it was 1-1 which meant that if Al-Shabab pulled their finger out, they would still have a minute chance. Al Shabab, of course, could only manage a 0-0 draw which meant that Al Suwaiq’s game was a dead rubber. Either way, Al Suwaiq turned it on in the second-half and came away with a 4-2 win. That means they’ve only failed to win four times this season. Incredible.

Mirbat Are On A Hiding To Nothing

Al Nasr condemned Mirbat to a second defeat in as many games which means they’ve gone looking rather pretty in 7th to looking precariously over their shoulder in 11th. To illustrate the competitiveness of the Oman League, from the two matchdays, only Al Suwaiq won both games and only Mirbat, Fanja SC and Al Nahda lost both. Topsy-turvy.

Al Nahda need to make their mind up what they fancy doing as they’re four points off an AFC Cup place but only five off the relegation play-off place. Such is the beauty of this league. Fanja, in contrast, have just gone to pot big time as they’re now bottom.

Here are the latest results:

Blackjack Matchday: Al Orouba 3-1 Al Mudhaibi | Muscat 1-3 Al Suwaiq | Fanja SC 0-1 Oman Club | Dhofar 1-0 Al Nahda | Al Salam 0-0 Al Nasr | Sohar 1-0 Saham | Mirbat 0-1 Al Shabab.

Matchday twenty-two (of twenty-six): Oman Club 2-2 Sohar | Al Mudhaibi 3-2 Fanja SC | Al Suwaiq 4-2 Al Salam | Al Nasr 1-0 Mirbat | Al Nahda 1-3 Muscat | Al Shabab 0-0 Al Orouba | Saham 1-1 Dhofar.

Also, as an added bonus here is the latest league table!

Credit: FlashScores.

Al Nahda have not won in five and are sat fourth. What a league! I’m considering doing regular pieces on the teams in Oman from now until the end of the season. Keep your eyes peeled.

Syrian Premier League

Cast your mind back to last week and you’ll see my treble came from here. All three teams at the top needed to win to stay in with a chance of winning the title. Two of them did. Fucking typical. Wankers. Absolute wankers. My only comfort blanket from Al-Ittihad losing was that they have seemingly ballsed the title up.

Don’t quote me on this, but I THINK the Syrian Premier League is decided on H2H rather than goal difference which means Al-Jaish are now in the driving seat. Let’s not worry about the permutations as such, there’s a separate article for that coming out tomorrow.

Al-Wahda Embarrassed Al-Muhafaza

Al-Wahda well and truly violated Al-Muhafaza as they beat them 5-2 in their own backyard. That sent the home side down which makes me sad that there will be no relegation battle on the final day. Never mind. It also meant that Al-Wahda are three points off Al-Ittihad & Al-Jaish with a game to spare.

As I said, the permutations piece will explain it all. I hope. Al-Jaish went back to the summit with a narrow 1-0 win over Al-Karamah whereas Al-Ittihad (wankers) drew away at Al-Shorta.

Not a lot else going on in Syria, well, football wise anyway.

Here are the latest results:

Tishreen 3-1 Al-Wathba | Al-Herafyeen 1-0 Hutteen | Al-Taliya 1-0 Al-Jihad | Al-Shorta 1-1 Al-Ittihad (wankers) | Al-Muhafaza 2-5 Al-Wahda | Al-Majd 3-0 Al-Nawair | Al-Karamah 0-1 Al-Jaish.

And here is the penultimate league table…

Credit: Soccerway. FlashScores had the table as Al-Ittihad top by goal difference which is wrong. I think.

That’s your lot for this week from West Asia. Well, regional round-up wise. Remember to watch out for a permutations piece on Syria. That’ll answer all your questions, I hope!

Until the next time.