I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently which is a worry in itself. Living and watching several football matches in Vietnam really has reignited my love for football. Not for the sport itself as that love will never die or dim. But, for playing it.

Welcome To The Impossible Dream

This is going to come across as quite blasé, nonetheless, it’s what I truly think. Every time I watch a match, I think I could do better than that. Arrogant? Possibly. Realistic? Who knows…

Welcome to the impossible dream. Watching Becamex Binh Duong versus Binh Dinh last week in the Vietnamese Cup was my first taste of seeing the quality or rather the lack of it that V-League 2 sides possess.

Underneath V-League 2, there is the second division, which is actually the third tier. I haven’t watched any third-tier football in Vietnam yet, however, I’m not expecting to be blown away by what’s on offer.

You Laugh Now, But I’ll Have The Last Laugh

So, what’s the dream? Funny you should ask. Ever since I was a young boy (kudos to whoever picks up the song reference), I’ve dreamed of being able to play football on a professional level. At one point I was playing at a relatively decent level, but then injuries took their toll and so did alcohol, after that and I thought it was all over. UNTIL NOW.

While I’ll have to see what the rules are regarding foreign players in the lower echelons of Vietnamese pyramid (only two are permitted per side in the V-League), I’ve got enough confidence in my own ability that I’ll be able to make it.

Remember this post when I’m banging goals in for fun in the AFC Champions League in five years, this will be where it all started.

My aim isn’t to play in the Champions League or anything like that (not immediately anyway), it is simply to get any amount of game time in the top three divisions of Vietnam. How hard can it be?

How Hard Can It Be?

There are a few issues that undoubtedly need to be addressed before that even gets off the ground. Number one, I am ridiculously unfit. I’ve just done a quick BMI check and that has me down as ‘moderately obese’ which is always delightful to know.

Number two, I haven’t played full ninety-minutes in a good couple of years. I remember the game well, I got railroaded into playing after a night out which was a terrible idea.

I think I was still half-cut when the game kicked-off, regardless, I bossed it in the middle of the park. That’s my memory of it. Some might have a differing opinion. Fuck ‘um.

In terms of what teams I’m aiming for, where would be better than the very bottom? I mentioned in the cup round-up that Long An will have gone 225 days without a win before they next take to the pitch. Want to know the best bit? They’ve got an ‘A’ team who play in V-League 2 and a ‘B’ team who play in the second division.

Take Football & Vietnam By Storm

If I’m not good enough for Long An’s B team then I think I will finally accept that maybe it’s just not meant to be.

Another side in the second (third) division who aren’t a million miles away in terms of location are Ba Ria Vung Tau FC. Based half an hour from the Vietnam coast. I do fancy it.

They’ve got a pukka refurbished stadium as it goes and reading between the lines, it seems the people behind the scenes have got very big plans for the club.

Chances are, they’re probably looking for someone to lead them to greatness. Chances are, they want to take football in Vietnam by storm. Chances are, that person is me.

Long An or Vung Tau, those are the two short-term aims. I’ll keep you up to date on my journey and when I make it to the big time, I’ll still be churning these articles out like a machine.

First Step: Fitness

Admittedly, it’ll be rather difficult to stay impartial for match reports that I’ve played in. I wonder if the referee will let me carry a notepad around with me to make notes? These are the questions which need asking! First step, fitness.

Until the next time.