Hope Friday is treating you well. After this, it will be treating you even better as I give you the unadulterated way to make money without doing any work over the weekend.

Now, I must put a slight disclaimer in this before I carry on. In no way am I suggesting that you pile your life savings on everything I say as believe it or not, I get things wrong from time to time.

DO NOT Put The Holiday Fund On – Yet

Take into account that Asian football isn’t something that I’ve bet on too much, ISL aside, I’d give me a few weeks to find my feet before you starting lumping on otherwise you’ll have to explain to the missus where the holiday fund has gone and that’s never a nice conversation to have. Believe me, I’ve been there.

One of the main problems with this is that the bookies don’t price the games up until relatively late due to the chance of match-fixing so I’m not going to know what odds I’m saying which is brilliant when you consider it’s meant to be in a betting piece. Sigh.

A lot of this will be trial and error, to begin with as I look for the best combinations, what I’ll do at the start is pick a select amount of games from today, tomorrow and Sunday and then let you know which I think is the best shot at making some dough, seems fair enough. The last thing I want to point out, I’m not going to bother recommending bets like ‘Man City to beat Swansea at home’ as there is no point, a monkey could do that.  

Today (Friday)

We begin in the final round of the Iranian Persian Gulf Pro League where we see three teams vying for two Champions League places. There’s no value in two of the sides as they’re both below 1/2 and both away from home and one of the rules I tend to live by more often than not is if a side is below evens away from home, leave it.

Of course, there is always an exception the rule and you’ll find that I contradict myself an awful lot, that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, there is one side who can also qualify for the Champions League who need to win to stand any chance in reality. Saipa are away at Paykan which is 4th against 5th, but Paykan have nothing at all to play for. Saipa have only lost once this calendar year (twelve games) and to show their pedigree on the road, they beat champions, Persepolis 2-1 at the end of March.

Paykan vs Saipa | Away win @ 8/5 – 13:30 (UK Time – All times will be UK Time).

There’s not a great deal of value elsewhere so I’ve gone against my better judgement and looked at Cup Final. I’m quite glad I did, though as there seems to be a great bit of value.

Normally, I wouldn’t touch cup games with a barge pole due to something that happened a few years ago which is a story for another day, but this seems like too much of a good chance to turn down.

At the end of each season in Qatar, they have something called the Qatar Cup which is contested by the teams that finished in the top four spots in the league, I’m sure why exactly they do it, but silverware is silverware.

Al-Duhail Have Won 17 out of 18 This Year

Regardless of what it is and why it happens, the game is between Al-Sadd and Al-Duhail SC and if it was a league game I’d be screaming from the rooftops for you to back Al-Duhail. I’ll explain.

Throughout the duration of a twenty-two game season, they only dropped six points and Al-Sadd finished a whopping eleven points behind them. For those of you that are slightly worried for whatever the reason, Al-Duhail have won EVERY game in 2018 (eighteen games) bar one and they won their semi-final 6-1 so they’re taking it seriously.

On the other hand, Al-Sadd chucked away a two-goal lead in their semi-final and had to scrape through courtesy of a penalty shootout. There’s only going to be one winner, let’s not kid ourselves.

Al-Sadd vs Al-Duhail SC | Away win @ 6/5 – 17:00.

That’ll do for today. The double pays @ 4.72/1,

Tomorrow (Saturday)

Things become slightly more tricky now as a lot of the games aren’t priced up at the time of writing bar the odd ones here and there. I’ll pick a couple out that have been priced up so we know what we’re working with providing the right bets are knocking about. If there’s nothing priced up, I’ll give it a miss as I don’t want to harp on about something for it then to turn out to be a 1/3 shot or something like that.

“You can’t judge a team until it’s ten games” or so the saying goes. It’s exactly that which brings me to J2 League, Japan’s second tier; I scoured Japan’s top flight for a while but there wasn’t anything there that jumped out to me, not in the way that this one does.

Mito HollyHock Are Nine Points Ahead Of Kyoto

The wonderfully named Mito HollyHock host Kyoto Sanga and if I told you they’ve had contrasting starts to the season, that may well be one of the understatements of the century.

Mito sit in a healthy position of 8th in the table (top six are involved have a chance of getting promoted) and have only lost once at home this season out of five games.

Kyoto are rooted to the bottom of the table (22 teams in case you’re wondering) and haven’t won away from home yet and yes, you could argue that ‘well it’s gotta happen sometime’ and while you may be right, I’m not listening. Mito to win.

Mito HollyHock vs Kyoto Sanga | Home win @ 7/5 – 06:00.

I can’t find anything else that has been priced up which is worth a punt. There are obvious ones but the odds are poor so there’s no point. Rule #1312 of my betting handbook, ‘don’t bet for the sake of it’.

After having a quick scan of Sunday, it seems we’ve got a similar problem where not enough games are priced up. I did warn you that it was going to be very trial & error to begin with and there you have it.

In summary, if you were to have a treble on the games mentioned, you’ll get odds of 12.72/1 (with Bet365) which means if you have £10 on, you’ll get £137.28 back. Not a bad way to start the weekend.

This Time Next Year Rodney…

For what it’s worth, despite it being a cup game, I’m the most confident on Al-Duhail SC, so if you’d rather just do a single, I’d recommend that one.

If this all goes tits up and you start looking up my address to send me death threats and what have you, let me refer you back to back to the disclaimer at the start of the article.

You’re meant to end these articles with ‘please bet responsibly’ I think, but I’m not going to do that as it’s not advice I’ve ever followed. This time next year Rodney, we’ll be millionaires.

Until the next time.