You Can Not Be Syrious! Al-Ittihad & Al-Jaish Face-Off

Everyone loves a good permutations piece, don’t they? The last one was that well-received that I got asked to go on Big Brother which I thought was a bit much. Naturally, I had to turn them down because I wouldn’t be able to write while I was in the house which is no good for anyone! I’m back this time with a piece about Al-Jaish & Al-Ittihad. Only one of them will be crowned kings of Syria. 

Why Is It Never Straightforward?

This one isn’t nearly as intricate as the one in Jordan, nevertheless, the show must go on! To the untrained eye, the situation in Syria seems to prevent us with three contenders for the crown, however, it’s not that straightforward. Is it ever?

Only three points separate Al-Jaish, Al-Ittihad & Al-Wahda at the top of the league. Al-Wahda are not a player in this game though because Syria prefers the H2H way of deciding things. That grates me quite a bit. Never mind, so we’re playing with two teams which keeps it interesting!  

Yesterday, I took you through what happened on the penultimate matchday in Syria and it means we are left with one event and one event only to talk about. That is, of course, the battle for the title. Four points is the gap between second and third bottom meaning no great escape is on the cards, so, who will become Syria’s champion?

Al-Jaish Are In Pole Position

Al-Jaish are in pole position after inflicting two defeats on Al-Ittihad earlier in the season. There is little that can be done about that now as both sides just need to focus on the task at hand. Both sides have home games against opposition in the lower echelons of the table. Here’s what needs to happen for Al-Jaish to be crowned kings of Syria:

All Al-Jaish need to do is match or better Al-Ittihad’s result and that’s it. Done and dusted. Or in very basic terms, if Al-Jaish win, they’ve won the league.

As we’ve just found out, Al-Ittihad’s fate is out of their own hands, so here are the permutations surrounding them…

Al-Ittihad have to better Al-Jaish’s result. If Al-Jaish fail to win and Al-Ittihad pick up all three points, they’ll be champions. If Al-Jaish lose & Al-Ittihad draw, Al-Ittihad will be champions.

Not that confusing this time, is it? Standing in Al-Jaish’s way are Hutteen and while they may have only won one out of their last six, they are rather good at drawing. Six out of their last nine games have finished with the spoils being shared as they stumbled to safety. Could Hutteen frustrate Al-Jaish? Quite possibly.

Al-Ittihad SHOULD Brush Al-Muhafaza Aside

Al-Ittihad host recently-relegated Al-Muhafaza in a game that should go one way and one way only. SHOULD. Al-Muhafaza got battered last time out against Al-Wahda which meant their fate was sealed. Close the door on the way out, will ya? Their final act in the top-flight in Syria could well be stopping Al-Ittihad in their tracks. They’ll want to go out with a bang, of that much I am sure.

In closing, I’m firmly of the opinion that Al-Jaish will make it four in a row in Syria. It would be nice to have somebody different win it, but after Al-Ittihad’s performance last week, they can go away.

Both games kick off at 14:00 BST. I’ll be back tomorrow with all the fallout.

Until the next time.