Life is slowly returning to some kind of normality in China PR because of this nation’s enormous efforts in combating COVID-19 within the previous months.

“The goal of this camp is to assist the players to restore strength and fitness,” Steel Roses captain Wu Haiyan informed “We’re taking some warm-up exercises in addition to defence and attacking training.”

Health and security, needless to say, remain a high priority with rigorous protective measures in place. “Except for training to the area, we wear face-masks,” stated the 27-year-old defender. “Each of us has another hotel room and if eating at the dining room, everybody has another table to keep space”

Social distancing measures were taken throughout the nation in the previous months but the players were far from idle since Wu revealed. He had a strategy made for everybody. However, there are no training centers in the home so we needed to make the very best of what we have.

“For me personally, I used everything that I had available for training. I’d use a rich bag or jar for weightlifting. Besides, I went running if there were few people out.”

But together with all the International Olympic Committee announces the Olympic Games in Tokyo is going to be held in 2021, the two-legged playoff is set to happen at a subsequent date.

“As players, we would like to play with the games as soon as you can because we can not wait to seal our eligibility for the Olympic Games. However, we’ll choose the difficulty in regards.”

China had anticipated sponsoring February’s third qualifying round, that was originally intended to happen in Wuhan. However, with the place twice relocated – firstly to Nanjing and then to Sydney, the group densely packed with a visit to Brisbane, in which they had been requested to quarantine at a resort.

“It was a challenging time,” she revealed. “We could not train as usual with the area or gym. We were able to do some training at the resort also, a day before this first-match kick-off, we had an hour to the training pitch.

“Ahead of the opening match, trainer Jia told us ‘you view, all of the issues are coming. What will we do?’ All of us understood what he intended. We’d been through this together and we all wanted to establish what we can do.”

China demonstrated signature Steel Roses’ soul with a number of their best showings even though going into the effort under-prepared.

Plus they took a 1-0 lead with only four minutes left from Australia, simply to find the hosts equalise using a stoppage-time attempt to split the points.

“Solidarity and teamwork are consistently the heart of our soul,” Wu explained. “The problems bring us closer as a group.

Now confronting the Korea Republic at a winner-takes-all play-off, Wu considers they will be well ready.

“They [Korea Republic] are a fantastic team and they have a couple of players that are capable of attacking. But we have loads of adventures against them and we’ll spare no efforts to get ready for this.”