Fear no more. After a week off last week due to the hotel WiFi not playing ball, we’re back in the game. Last time out, it was all about the end of the Syrian season and Al-Ittihad well and truly fucked us. If it’s any saving grace, the fact that they failed to win meant that they relinquished top spot to Al-Jaish and lost the title. Every cloud and all of that. After that, I withdrew what was left because I was having a week out and now it is time to go again.

Asian Football Is Drying Up

With a lot of Asian football drying up, it’s not easy to find anything mouthwatering at this moment in time. Don’t get me wrong, the Vietnamese football pyramid is still up and running but there’s not much of value knocking about there this weekend. So, what’s the biggest game taking place this weekend? Aye, that’s right, Real Madrid vs Liverpool. The Champions League Final. I’m not here to tell you all about what I think about the final, that’s not why you’re here. You want to know how to make some money from the final, don’t you?

Today is your lucky day! Bet365 are running a free in-play offer which means one thing and one thing only – free money. Bet365 will match your pre-match stake (up to £25) in play. How does this give me free money, I hear you cry?

Well, that’s quite simple. Let’s look at the goals, for example. If you were to put £25 on under 3.5 goals pre-match, it would return £41.66, thus giving you a profit of just over £15. During the game, preferably straight after kick-off, put your £25 free bet on over 3.5 goals. That would return £27.50 as you don’t get the £25 free bet stake back. So, either way, you make £15.66 or £27.50. Not bad is it?

Free Money On The Champions League Final

This is my train of thought. Back under 6.5 goals before the game which returns £25.75 and then over 6.5 during the game which would give me £350 profit. There’s no risk to that bet, albeit, you only get 75p back if it’s under, still totally risk-free. There are a number of different ways you can do this, but remember, you DO NOT get the free bet stake included in your winnings.

Free money is free money all the same. Get involved. This will be the last of this column for a while as my attention, sadly turns to the World Cup. Who am I kidding? It’ll be much fun.

Until the next time.