Sapporo and Gyeongnam sorted us right out last week as the double landed. On a technical basis, I’m claiming that as two doubles on the spin. What a start. Just to give you a head’s up, we’re going for it big time. Al-Ittihad, Al-Jaish & Al-Wahda is the bet for this week if you can’t be arsed reading. It’s a Syrian Premier League treble. Come on!

As I touched on last week, I have the habit of being rather erratic when it comes to betting and as much as I convince myself at times that I’ll be more disciplined, something always chucks it out the window. Let me go through the tale of my last week of betting.

Discipline Is Key, Shame I Have None

As you well know, I had £10.51 on that double which left £65 in the account. In between the article being finished and it being published, I had lost that £65. Long An are a team who I’ve been quite vocal about and when I saw they were drawing 1-1 with Viettel at halftime, I thought that Viettel would win. Right? Wrong. Even against ten men, Viettel couldn’t find the second goal. So now, unless the double sailed in, I’d have to deposit once again. Luckily it did.

At this point, the balance reads as £56.76. £16,76 was put on a double which contained Plymouth Argyle & Mansfield as they both needed to win on the final day to make the playoffs. SHITE. I don’t think either of them won. Down to £40. Half of that £40 went on another double, this time back in my ‘area of expertise’ – Asia, of course.

Tianjin Teda & Hiroshima. Bosh. Tianjin won comfortably, the same couldn’t be said about Hiroshima as they only scored their second in stoppage time. So, when the Tianjin result was confirmed, I had the other £20 on Kobe or the draw which meant I couldn’t lose and would make a minimum of £30 profit.

Ha Noi Were Never Going To Lose

Hiroshima did hold on and my balance now read £71.22, on the charge! On Sunday, I was at Ho Chi Minh vs Ha Noi and when Ho Chi Minh were 1-0 up at halftime, I had a dabble on the away side. They mullered them. 4-1. That got £58.36 back which meant my balance now read £108,36. I bided my time. 

That being said, sometimes a bet is too good to turn down and that was the situation I found myself in yesterday as Meizhou Hakka hosted Liaoning Kaixin in China’s League One. Meizhou had a 100% record at home and would go top with a win, whereas Liaoning had been poor. 10/11 was an outrageous price and one that the bookies realised as before, the game kicked-off, they were as short as 1/2.

When halftime arrived, it was all going well, Meizhou were winning and it meant that my stake of £48.36 would return £92.36 which would but my balance over £150. Not too shabby. I managed to find a stream for the second-half and it was wave after wave of Liaoning so I thought about placing a bet on Liaoning or the draw which was 4/1 when I looked. Then, I thought back to the Hiroshima game when it was a waste of time and thought, fuck it. You all know what happened next. Yep, two minutes later the equalised.

Meizhou Mess Up My Plan

Meizhou couldn’t get the winner and it meant that after a week’s worth of betting, I was down by £15.51 which isn’t the end of the world. In the long run, I am still up by roughly £45 which isn’t going to help me build my empire yet, but it’s profit all the same. Let’s see what this weekend has to offer…

We’ll stick to a double as they seem to be serving us well. Jordan is the obvious place to start as it’s the final day of the season there. Permutations are something that aren’t easy to dissect. I’ve tried. That article will be out at 6:30am (BST). This doesn’t go out until 12:30, but considering it’s 2:46am at the time of writing, there’s no way of linking the two articles.

Al-Jazeera are a tempting price of 13/10 as they need to win to stand a chance of finishing second, however, they’re playing Al-Wehdat who are champions. It should be a foregone conclusion because Al-Wehdat haven’t got anything to play for. My gut is putting me off it, though. In fact, after looking at the permutations, my gut is putting me off Jordan altogether.

Da Nang Will Probably Beat SLNA

Da Nang host SLNA in the Vietnamese Cup and that seems like a home win, only issue is, by the time the article is published, there will only be fifteen minutes left, so we’ll give that a miss. I’ve landed a big one. Stop the press, we’ve got one.

Last week, I mentioned that the football in Syria was coming to an end and that the games would get priced up. Well, they didn’t as bet365 went back on their word. They’ve got them listed at this point in time and it’s time to take full advantage. It’s a three-horse race for the title and while I may have said that a double is the best idea, I’ve now got a different idea.

A treble of Al-Ittihad, Al-Jaish & Al-Wahda pays at 7.59/1 and considering the all need to win to keep up their title-winning aspirations, that’s not too bad at all. Al-Ittihad & Al-Jaish are playing teams who have nothing to play for so if you’re wanting a double, I’d recommend that combination over anything else. Betting on Syrian football, what could possibly go wrong? Al-Wahda are playing a team who need to win at the wrong end of the table. They should win. Should.

Al-Jaish, Al-Ittihad & Al-Wahda all to win @ 7.59/1.

I’ve had £15 on it. I’m also debating backing Al-Jaish and Al-Ittihad on their own as well in a couple of singles. Al-Wahda are five points off the summit, so they’re not realistically going to win the league. I’ll let them slide. There’s no reason why, I just feel like a good old fashioned shit or bust bet could be in order. I’ll let you know what I decided to do next week.

Until the next time.