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Welcome to Football in Asia – a site about football in Asia, obviously, written by fans of football in Asia.

Fan of the Indian Super League? Maybe you are an avid supporter of the J-League? Perhaps, you follow a particular club in the K-League because of an affinity you have towards a club because of a save you have had previously on Football Manager or FIFA?

On this site, we aim to cover a much as we can from all the Asian football leagues and provide you with a level of insight that you would typically struggle to find in the English language.

It does not matter if it is Amar Tomar Kolkata (ATK) in India, Jeonbok Hyundai Motors in South Korea or Shanghai SIPG in the Chinese Super League, we will look to bring you everything we can that is available.

Not only do we focus about things on the continent, though, but you can also rest assured that we will bring you all the very best news and opinions about Asian stars making their mark in the various leagues around the world as well, such as in Europe’s top leagues.

One thing unites all the contributors on this site and it is their love of football in the Asian Confederation and that will come across in our writing.

Whether it be news regarding players from the region or articles that have been driven by statistical data to show how well an individual has been performing, we are sure there is bound to be something that will pique your interest and help build your knowledge of football in Asia that bit further.

Feel you can bring more to our coverage about football in Asia or have an opinion or two that you believe can insight some thought-provoking discussion or teach our readers something new, then why not apply to write for us and get involved with the Ronnie Dog Media family?

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